1. Sher St. Kitts, General Manager, Newmarket Music Festival

    Keep the Faith delivered a fantastic performance of Bon Jovi’s hits. Our patrons
    danced and sang along with the band and enjoyed all the many interactive
    moments. The crowd of over 1000 were thrilled and our surveys indicated people
    would love to have them return. Professional, talented and really great to work
    with. TD-Newmarket Music Festival recommends Keep the Faith to other
    organizers looking for some fun, interactive, attractive entertainment and a Bon Jovi experience like the real deal. They

  2. vicki

    The band brought lots energy to Newmarket! Really nice working with them and watching them perform! The band was very kind and delivered a wonderful, friendly and energetic vibe to the audience

  3. Eryn

    Amazing show in Newmarket. The entire band was extremely friendly and generous with their time throughout the course of the event. The show was filled with energy and enthusiasm. This was a powerful performance that you don’t want to miss!!

  4. Nick

    Great show in Newmarket. You guys are all really really good and I loved the audience interaction and energy through the entire show. The lead singer has a great voice. Very powerful and sounds like the real Bon Jovi. Thanks for the poster and setlist signed.

  5. Kat

    What a fantastic tribute show you all put on in Newmarket. This is a bit new for us and I did not realize this would be such a BIG show lol Sorry to hear your guitarist was so sick and would have love to heard this guys voice, but your Jon did a fabulous job holding his own and what energy in that heat. Great band and solid performance thanks

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