1. Peter

    Great performance at The Vault. A really great tribute to Bon Jovi too bad the sound mix was so bloody terrible because the band was excellent. Lead singer really sounds like Jon and has a very similar look. Great job co sitting what sound the band had to work with.

  2. Carolyn

    Awful sound at The Vault for such a great band. I follow this band around religiously cause no-one does Jovi as well as these guys other than Bon Jovi themselves. I came along way to see these guys and while they were by no means a disappointment the sound sure as he’ll was. Also that stage is too tiny for this big band. I will say though the staff are very kind and the prices are fair. As for the band great show and fantastic setlist.

    Your friend Carolyn

  3. Melissa Day

    Hey guys! I saw you guys at Holy Heart Theatre a while back and have been following your journey ever since that night! What a great bunch of guys! I still remember that night like it was only yesterday….. your likeness to Jon & the boys is unmatched by anyone else! And your love and respect for your fans is unbelievable! You guys treated me with utmost respect & gathered around my wheelchair for a photo, and i still treasure that photo to this day! And Chris even came up to the wheekchair section to see me during intermission & i had never met him before! That was special for me! Bring Keep The Faith back to Holy Heart Theatre! 😊😊😊

  4. Claire

    Great show at The Vault from what I saw. Very much like watching the real Bon Jovi, but I left after the first set as I could no longer tolerate the terrible sound this bar had. I cannot believe no one attempted to fix the sound. I am guessing this is not the band’s issue so why didn’t anyone tell the sound person. I will definitely see this band again just not at this venue. Talk about a lame crowd for such a great band.

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