1. Samantha

    Great show at Boston Manor. My girlfriend has seen you quite a few times and is a big Bon Jovi fan as am I. I’ve seen a couple of local Jovi tributes that I haven’t been impressed with just because I’m hard to please. I’m finally glad that I dragged myself out to see your show. You guys really really do Bon Jovi justice and it’s nice to see a tribute that has done their homework. You are all such a great band with great harmonies I was absolutely blown away by Richie Sambora’s look and sound but I have to say being a Bon Jovi fan you’ll watch Jonny and you guys have the best Jonny next to Jon himself this guy’s got all the moves, the sound, and look. It was absolutely fantastic. I also have to say I really really loved the setlist and how you do stuff for diehards and all the radio hits as well. Kudos to you guys you got a new fan follower.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey guys.
    I was at your show at Boston manor with a group of people.
    I am not a huge bon jovi fan. But I must say that you guys sounded great.
    The lead singer is Perfect for the role and totally has Jon down pat.
    Then I noticed that you guys have the drummer of the exalted Piledriver.
    That guy is a real monster on drums.
    I am a Piledriver fan and it was really cool to find out that he plays Bon Jovi.
    The guy that plays Sambora was fantastic. Great singing as well.
    The bass and key player sounded great as well.
    Hope to catch another show sometime.


  3. Abigail

    Absolutely incredible performance last night at Boston Manor. You guys are my favorite band and Chris I don’t know if it was you being sick or you wearing those things in your ears like singers do but wow you sounded incredible and bang on like Jon. It was freaky in a good way. To the rest of the guys great job and what a heck of a show. Best Bon Jovi Tribute band anywhere hands down.

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