1. Shauna

    Hi this is Shauna I’m the base guitar’s family And I think they are the best tribute to BonJovi ever 😉

  2. Kaitlyn

    You guys are such an awesome tribute to Bon Jovi. Me and my friend Brooklyn had a wicked awesome time. Your lead singer has an incredible voice very close sounding to Jon’s, but I actually prefer your singers. The band has so much energy much more than last years tribute and your guy Chris is in way better shape and much easier on the eyes we actually left before they ended. They weren’t bad for a tribute, but you guys are like watching the real thing…just sayin :) I can’t believe the hair on your key player that is so cool to have that much hair for an old dude. Speaking of old your bass player for real 65?? He is so good and sings very well. Love your drummer and that logo is so cool and your guitarist, I think you said Dave.. he has a great voice and love his look and those arms. My God drool lol ;) Anyways my mom isn’t shutting up about how Chris is the whole “Jon” package lol not sure how to take that. Rock on guys we will be back next summer and hopefully you all will too!!

  3. Brooklyn

    Thank you for an incredible night of Bon Jovi music. I only listen to Bon Jovi cause my mom is a huge fan of their music and I have to say after listening and seeing pictures of Jon your frontman Chris is really good. He sounds so much like him and look is very close too. I love those quirky stage moves as I know Jon does those too. The rest of the band I am not to familiar with, but you all sounded fantastic and do a great tribute to them. Thanks again and hope to see you next year! BTW mom said you were all ridiculously good!

  4. Chris

    Fantastic show at Sherkston!! All I will say is your tribute blows away the one that was here last year and we hope you guys keep coming here and dont skip a year again. You guys did get even better with your new Richie and harmonies were incredible. As for Chris he just gets better and better and is the ultimate frontman. Keep on rocking boys from your favorite Sherkston bartender. ;)

  5. Cassandra

    Your show at Sherkston last night was easily the best tribute I have ever seen here hands down and I have seen them all over the past years as a trailer owner here. Your lead singer vocals are spot on for Jon Bon Jovi and he is a powerhouse performer like the real Jon. The rest of the band was super solid and the harmonies were incredible. This is also the closest thing I have seen to the real Bon Jovi being a huge Jovi fan. Thank you all for a great night and so glad you ate back from your one year hiatus. You guys just get better and better

  6. Lee


    First of all, you and your band a true gentlemen and a pleasure to work with. As you know we have many bands pass through on a weekly basis and I must say that you were by far the easiest to work with. As I mentioned last night I thought the show was outstanding and those I spoke with loved every minute of it. I have a variety of things that I’m looking at for next year and I assure you that I will have you back in one of these events.

    I will be in touch shortly when I have a better grasp on specific dates.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Lee S. Wallace
    Supervisor Town of Niagara

  7. Peter

    We talked to you after the show because you did such a great job and we’re so down to earth. It was a miserable night weather wise but the band and your singing made it all worth sticking it out. You won me over when you came off the stage in the rain and made your statement. My wife acted like you were really Jon Bon Jovi. You just did a great job along with the rest of the band. We hope you’ll play more in Western New York. I really think if the weather was better that there would be even more than 500 to start with.
    I have not been a fan of the real Bon Jovi ever since he tried to buy the Buffalo Bills. I like their music but refuse to see him in concert again. Your tribute is just as good as they were so when you do come back, we’ll be there.
    My wife already posted the picture of the two of you on Facebook. I guess she’s your new senior groupie.
    Thanks again Chris for taking the time to talk with us after the show. It meant alot.

    • John Newton

      I have to admit as I was driving out from Batavia in the downpour, I gave serious thought to turning around. But I’m so glad I didn’t. Amazing Performance!!! Great Band!!! Every tune rocked! As a Beatle fan, love the medley song. Hope you come back next year!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  8. Angela

    Fantastic show. Best tribute act to this place yet. Great audience interaction and energy from your Jon and as you said just like a real Jovi concert. You guys have the sound, look and moves and I really hope you all come back to Niagara next year.

  9. Barb Solovey

    My first time seeing these guys as a tribute band. A lot of fun. Despite the rain, we stayed until the end and had a chance to talk to some of the band members. It was worth it. I hope to see them again. Thanks for the experience. I loved it when “Jon” came out into the crowd and announced, “if you are getting wet, then so will I”

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