1. Anonymous

    As a club owner, we decided to try a tribute act. Focusing on a revenue generating crowd, we targeted middle aged women by taking a chance on a Bon Jovi night. Here’s where it gets good… we were dead wrong! We sold over 200 tickets to men, women, of all ages! We had a near record night for sales and that alone should be enough to book him. HOWEVER.. the real class, was the immediate ease of booking, communication, etc. These guys are soooo professional. And better yet, very reasonable. !!

    Then the act started, and what should have been a 2 hour show turned into a 3.5 hour show consisting of multiple encores!

    The crowd went crazy, the women swooned, the men danced, they all partied hard and they all sang along

    Looking for the next perfect act for your place or event? Look no further!

    Keith Beres
    Sammy Krenshaws

  2. Britney

    Such a great performance in Tillsonburg. Thanks for making it such a fun night and boy do you guys ever sound like the real Bon Jovi. Your singer has a very strong and excellent voice and really sounds like Jon and your Richie is so amazing and looks fantastic. Well done to you all and hope to see you back!

  3. Emma

    This was my first time seeing you guys and won’t be the last. You guys are an incredible tribute to Bon Jovi. You are 5 very, very talented men that are so good together on stage. Your lead singer has a very similar look to Jon, sexier in my opinion, sounds identical, and he has the moves. Just wish he had have taken that shirt off. Such sexy sexy man. Hope you all come back.

  4. Amanda

    Great show as always! Thank you for your dedication to live music!

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