1. Jesse, Barbara and Wendy

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the best Bon Jovi tribute out there!!! We love you guys and all the effort you all put into the show. Nice to see a tribute that actually resembles the original members and is so interactive and such fun for the audience. Chris by far resembles Jon the most in looks and sound and actions hands down and easy on the eyes…all of him ;) So pumped for you guys to be coming back to Sherkston in 2019 already telling so many of the people that have trailers here. May also get over to Bissel’s Hideaway too!. Again thanks for Seneca and here is to a great 2019! Jesse, Barb and Wendy :) xo

  2. As a venue, hosting Keep The Faith, we enjoyed the whole experience from time in, thru the show, to them leaving at the end of the night. Crowd was pumped coming out expressing their admiration for the band. We will have them back for another show in the future.
    Seneca Queen Theatre
    Niagara Falls ON

  3. Ron

    What a great tribute to Bon Jovi. So close to the real thing. Loved you Boston Manor show as it was first time catching you guys. Your singer is an excellent Jon and really commands a crowd. Be looking out for you all in the future.

  4. Melissa D'amico

    That was such a fun night. Your lead singer really knows how to capture an audience and he is super hot. Being 21 I dont know alot about Bon Jovi but we would hear the songs and be like…hey I know that song, and that one and that one too and he also sounds like him lol mom would be proud of me as this band is her thing, but again great guys!!! Oh thank you for singing happy birthday to me :)

  5. Louisa

    Such a great show in Niagara on Friday. What incredible energy from that stage. You guys sound so much like Bon Jovi and the look is great. You spoiled us with 2 encores and what I am guessing was about a 3 hour show. Super nice guys afterwards too. Thanks for the signed setlist and pictures.

  6. Tracey Coffin

    I’ll quote Jon Bon Jovi here. “Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate. ” Chris Newman is most definately passionate about his role on the stage. Chris always gives 100% of himself to his shows. Always positive and smiling, Chris really cares about his fans, and wants them to have a good time at his show. What a great way to have a fun night out. To sing, and dance along to all your Bon Jovi favourites. So find some friends, family, co workers, neighbours and bring them along for a great night out. Come on out, to a live Keep The Faith show, and get your Bon Jovi on. C-Ya!! December 7th 2018.

  7. Linda

    Love seeing my favorite band Keep the Faith

  8. Hailey

    Love you guys, you guys are amazing

  9. Karen

    You guys rock love seeing you guys again hope to see you guys again

  10. Jolene

    Amazing show in Niagara! I had such a great time!!! You guys sound fantastic . It’s obvious you that you were having a great time and doing something that you love! Also so friendly! I can’t wait for the next show because clearly you guys “got it going on”. Jolene

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