First of all, you and your band a true gentlemen and a pleasure to work with. As you know we have many bands pass through on a weekly basis and I must say that you were by far the easiest to work with. As I mentioned last night I thought the show was outstanding and those I spoke with loved every minute of it. I have a variety of things that I’m looking at for next year and I assure you that I will have you back in one of these events.

– Lee S Wallace, Supervisor, Township of Niagara, Ontario

The Cobourg DBIA recently had Keep The Faith as the headlining act of our first ever Food and Music Festival. From the moment we began correspondence, the band and lead singer Chris Newman were nothing but courteous and a pleasure to work with. They helped promote the event in advance, and were so easy and professional to deal with.

The night of the concert was a roaring success! The community loved how closely they replicated a real Bon Jovi Show, from looks, to vocals to moves they had the crowd singing and dancing late into the evening. If it weren’t for the night coming upon us, the people in attendance would’ve danced until sunrise.

I highly recommend this tribute band for your next concert, or festival, as they do not disappoint! We look forward to working with them again in the future. Did I mention how many people they brought downtown! Thrilled.

– Paige Montgomery, Director of Operations and Entertainment, Cobourg, Ontario

Well done guys. An absolutely high energy and very interactive show for the audience. Excellent front man and fantastic band as well. Will definitely have you back if the tribute shows continue. All the best!

– Chris Hlasnick, Operations Manager, Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, Florida

Bon Jovi – Keep The Faith was amazing at our first Bradford Food Truck Festival event! Chris rocked the stage and if I didn’t know any better I would have thought Jon himself was up there singing! You guys put on a stellar show, very professional and an absolute pleasure to meet. Chris, I can’t wait to see/hear you guys again!!

– Laura Martin, Administrator, BWG Events Group, Bradford, Ontario

I am the entertainment manager and buyer From the July 16th show in Cayuga, ON for CayugaFest….. You guys absolutely killed it!
The feedback from committee members, volunteers, and the audience was nothing but positive. The crowd was engaged, and Chris and the rest of the band fed off that for their entire show. Thank you for your time, and professionalism. If you are looking for a Bon Jovi Tribute that really gives you the Bon Jovi concert experience then these are the guys hands down! A must see tribute! Cheers.

– Jake Smith, Entertainment Manager and Buyer, CayugaFest, Cayuga, Ontario,

At this year’s 9th annual event, we had the pleasure of hiring Keep the Faith as our Saturday headlining band. Over the years we have had many tribute headliners along with a variety of numerous local bands. This event brings together our community with over 40,000 attendees over the weekend raising well over $600,000 for local and global Rotary projects. The entertainment plays a significant factor in our continued success and I would like to take a few moments to thank and recognize the part that Keep the Faith played at this year’s festival.
As you can well imagine, the logistics of a festival of this size are always challenging. I want to point out that all the band members were a pleasure to work with. From lugging gear in and out of the venue, to working with our sound providers, their work ethic and positive attitude were all a part of making the day a success. I would gladly work with them again and have no hesitation recommending Keep the Faith; they are consummate professionals.
One thing that separates a band that plays tunes from a band that can perform is the attention to detail and delivering what the audience wants. Clearly, the band has spent considerable time with laser beam focus, learning, mastering, and performing an authentic concert experience. They do all the material justice. This is impressive as not only is the material extremely difficult, but the audience has a strong relationship with their rock heroes Bon Jovi. I would also like to point out that Chris Newman brings a positive energy that is infectious. His enthusiasm toward making a great show lead to a stroke of genius – we opened the show with him wirelessly emerging adjacent to our all ages area which really made the evening special.
On a personal note, this is the 9th year I have been with the festival as Stage Manager and Emcee. It is always a stressful event but it is made worthwhile because of the work that Rotary does and that I get to work with such amazing people. My thanks to the boys in Keep the Faith.
“Keep the Faith is an amazing concert! They don’t just play Bon Jovi tunes, they take all the songs we know and love and turn them into an authentic, full-on live experience. Extremely well done!”

– Jesse Parsons, Stage Manager, Ribs and Brews, Bowmanville, Ontario

Keep The Faith is the perfect touring act. Top notch musicianship that really captures the Bon Jovi live concert experience as well as a great group of guys who obviously love what they do and professional attitudes both on and off the stage. Chris Newman had the crowd onside from the moment he sung the first note! This is a class act tribute that I will be having back very soon and would encourage others to get out there and see this band!

– Rob Saunders, General Manager, Huntsville Festival of Arts, Huntsville, Ontario

These guys bring a truly authentic experience to their audience. Getting folks to their feet dancing, hundreds singing along to every song word for word… the sound, the look… incredible! Glad to have worked with these great guys in St Johns NL

– Trent Martin, Buyer and Co-Owner, NL Productions, St Johns, Newfoundland

Hey Boys, Thanks for helping ChatterBox Events first show be a great success at The Opera House. You guys were a Promoters dream band to work with professional in every aspect. Hoping to do more shows together!!

– Paul Taskas, Promoter, Chatterbox Events, Toronto, Ontario

As a promoter, I always hire Keep the Faith first because lead singer Chris Newman is professional, always on time and cares about the show. I have dealt with many tribute bands and truly believe like Jon Bon Jovi himself Chris is the best tribute frontman out there. He sings, looks and sounds like the real deal. He engages his crowd and knows how to work any size and type. The band has sold out every show I have ever done with them because the crowd can tell they are an honest, hardworking band. Chris has always been honest and up front with me and as a former sales professional myself, I admire that and look for it in people I deal with. Chris is a very savvy and smart business man and that is an attribution to the reason KTF are where they are.

– Gary Brigden, Promoter, Toronto, Ontario

Chris, what can I say….you guys were amazing from beginning to end. As the entertainment producer I appreciate your professionalism from the first point of contact to the end of your show. You guys were definitely a crowd pleaser. I know the ladies really enjoyed you, and the band. I’m glad you had a chance to meet Gil Moore – he’s a stand up guy! Wishing you continued success!

– Mary Isaacs, Entertainment Producer, Mississauga Waterfront Festival, Mississauga, Ontario

Chris, you guys are amazing!! If Jon gets the flu, he can hire you to sub and no one will notice! Keep on ROCKIN!!!

– Gil Moore, Triumph Drummer & Metalworks Studio CEO, Mississauga, Ontario